How to Order Your Own Medical Records

DID YOU KNOW … access to one’s own medical records is becoming easier and cheaper than in the past. Most medical records today are no longer handwritten records in file folders. Most medical records today are electronic and can be mailed to you on a CD or flash drive or an online link to be viewed on your computer. And, the charge is limited to $6.50 in most circumstances.

Address a letter to the hospital or medical office to the attention of the medical records custodian. Be sure to have the correct address, which you can get online from the facility’s website. Date your letter and word your request similar to this:

Dear Records Custodian, Please mail to me my complete electronic medical record, without exception, with your facility or office, on a CD, flash drive, or by an online link. This request is made in accordance with the HITECH Act. Please bill me the default charge of $6.50. My mailing address for you to mail the records is (list your address). Thank you. (Print and sign your name).

That’s it! If the hospital or medical provider ignores or refuses your request, then speak to an attorney for assistance.